Tips For Recognising Aspects In Wedding Dresses

14, 2017 | Updated 18 hours ago CLOSE When Priscilla married Bill in 1948, she wore a 97-year-old wedding dress. Humankind Bill and Priscilla Wilcox on their wedding day in 1948. (Photo: Courtesy Priscilla Wilcox) 465 CONNECT TWEET 8 LINKEDIN 1 COMMENTEMAILMORE Westwood, MA -- Bill and Priscilla Wilcox celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary in 2017. The husband and wife were married in 1948. Priscilla wore a 97-year-old dress that belonged to her great-great-great- grandmother. The dress received attention in the newspapers, and was even featured in Life Magazine. Priscilla and Bill are still going strong, almost 70 years after their wedding, Despite living in different assisted-living homes, the two still manage to see each other regularly. Priscilla lives in a memory care assisted-care facility. Rain or snow, Bill comes to visit with his wife almost every day for lunch. The long-lasting anonymous love, and wedding gown, were put on display in Priscillas community. The home wedding ชุด เจ้าสาว เรียบ หรู celebrated the couples anniversary by showcasing photos of the wedding, as well as the vintage gown. *** For more stories like this, like Humankind on Facebook . He couldn't contain his excitement.

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