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Leada Gore | Sunny, one of the Obama family's two dogs, appears to have some issues with leaving the White House. The 4-year-old female Portugese Water Dog bit a 18-year-old family friend while she was visting the White House Monday, TMZ reported. The girl reportedly ห้อง จัด เลี้ยง ขอนแก่น went to pet Sunny when the dog bit her on the face under her right eye. She was checked Dr. Ronny Jackson, the Obama's family physician and later received stitches. โรงแรม the loft ขอนแก่น Images of the incident were later posted to social media. As President Obama prepares to leave office, First Dog Sunny bites White House guest (PHOTO) Sunny is the Obama family's second dog. Eight-year-old Bo, also a Portuguese Water Dog, has the official title of "First Dog." The White House has not confirmed the incident. It's not the first time Sunny has had issues with White House visitors. In 2013, then 2-year-old Ashtyn Gardner of Mobile lost her balance when she was greeted by an enthusiastic Sunny during a White House event for military families. The toddler was unhurt and said the dog was just trying to give her a kiss.

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Where is my safety net from something like this (poverty)? Why do people come over here, who have paid nothing into the system, get cells phones, food assistance, housing assistance? The state worker then told me she didnt want to hear my racist talk. Wow! This country takes our money and then re-appropriates it to whomever they feel should have it. Thats wrong. I want and need some help, but not from other U.S. taxpayers. I want some of ขอนแก่น ที่พัก pantip my money back because I need assistance now, and I paid into this for almost 40 years. And, Ms. State Employee, dont call me a racist when your employer takes my money and gives it to somebody else who has contributed nothing in tax / FICA contributions. Why are some people more entitled than others and why, as U.S.

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